About us

I went to Warsaw in early spring 2008. I had my coat on and a hat on and dragging my suitcase I was walking through beautiful shopping alleys "Zlote Tarasy" Shopping Centre. After half an hour I stopped smiling - tired, with perspiration on my forehead I sat down at ccoffe level 2.

While drinking coffee I was observing people passing by - dressed in jackets, coats, with carry bags, suitcases, hand luggage - there was no smile on their faces. ҉t can't be like this anymore' - I thought. Funny enough/strangely the Central Management Office was only 50 meters away (level 2). I walked in and asked: "Why in such a beautiful building there is no cloakroom?" A nice lady replied in question: "And would you like to open a cloakroom in such a beautiful building?" I WANTED.

And that is how a gold cloakroom was born in "Zlote Tarasy" ("Golden Terraces"). Now I look at all these happy/smiling people passing by - these are guests of "Zlote Tarasy" and cloakroom clients - Our Gold Cloakroom.

Our coatrooms: Nasze szatnie